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Why use for your online press release? There are six main reasons:
1. Because of our special news network and relationship with real news sites, your press releases are considered news and get picked up and indexed by the search engines really fast - usually within 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes!
2. Your press release stays in the search engine index results for years to come because it is permanently archived in the news sites where people can always find it through google and the other search engines. This doesn't happen with other press release services. Often you submit your press release and then go look for it and you cannot find it anywhere in the search engine results.
3. We don't do free press releases because those companies that accept free press release have no quality control over what they put out. Most free releases aren't really news and usually blast your good press release out of the way just by sheer volume. To us your press release is special, so we treat it as special and the search engines appreciate that and don't miss it. Other systems have so many free press releases that the good ones don't have a chance to be picked up and indexed. The way we handle them is  why our online press release system work.
4. An editor reviews your press release and makes sure it is written in the way the search engines like. You can't beat having an extra set of eyes reviewing your release when your reputation is at stake and accuracy matters. You wouldn't believe how many press releases have errors that we catch. We want your release to be right the first time and we help you structure it so get you the best value and the best ranking for your work and your dollar. Remember, the release represents you and it will be around a long time and on many websites after we send it, which is exactly what you want.
5. Unlike other press release services, we make it easy for readers to get to your website by including a live backlink in your press release that sends visitors directly back to you. We don't charge extra for this (other services do), and you can even include multiple links, videos and pictures without any extra charge. Go check other services and you'll see they almost double their prices for this special benefit. Search engines see the backlinks and they value your website more and rank you higher because there's a new link coming back to you. Congratulations, with our system your news got out FAST and your site goes up in the rankings, too! That's a double benefit for using plus the fact that the release stays in the search engine results with our system.
6. Best of all, not only do we offer all these service characteristics that really matter for press releases, but we cost less! As stated, we don't even charge extra for pictures, logos, or links, and you can add audio, or video, because that's what a press release is all about, getting your message out to your target market. You can send a one time press release for $97   $87 (go ahead, test us out), which is less expensive than other services that incidentally don't even work at getting you into the search engines or keeping your press release indexed. Ater you test us for your valuable news, you'll see there's no reason to use anyone else because you get the top tier of all the premium service characteristics for the lowest price on the market.
That's why people are now turning to Get your news out to the public faster, have it indexed by the major search engines quicker, it stays in the search engines longer, it costs less, and you get valuable backlinks for free! So that's why we say nothing beats Watch this video to see how it works, and get started today.
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