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Dr. Walter E. Afield has played an influential part in the field of psychiatry throughout the United States.
19:19 Apr 13, 2011
With Accumulate's mobile platform Mobile Everywhere, companies can create cost effective security solutions for identification, authentication and signing on the Internet.
10:44 Oct 7, 2009
To many he is known as this century's visionary behind 21st Century Digital Responsibility. In some circles he is referred to as the father of digital safety. To his peers he is regarded as an instrumental leader of proactive 21st century education
20:31 Jun 30, 2009
If you are just starting to learn about or address sexting and cyber bullying, you are way behind in understanding and / or educating society about the real current digital diseases.
11:22 Jun 3, 2009
If you are a kid, parent, teacher, reporter, or government agency still wrapped up with the phenomenon of 'sexting', then much like the rapid development of digital technology, your digital knowledge and concerns are already outdated.
15:52 May 18, 2009
SextCasting Makes Keeping Kids Off Pornographic sites a Prehistoric Concept. If you are still wrapped up with the phenomenon of 'sexting' then much like the rapid development of digital technology your digital knowledge is outdated.
16:43 May 14, 2009
The rapid evolution of technology without concurrent communication about responsible utilization makes the concept of keeping kids off adult websites seem prehistoric as we now battle to keep them from becoming the providers of pornographic content.
08:09 May 11, 2009
You don't need a cell phone or to 'sext' to ruin your life in seconds. 'SextCasting' is an issue that has already destroyed thousands of lives way before cell phones had text messaging, cameras, or were in the hands of everyone over the age of
15:53 May 6, 2009

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